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This week on Social Europe:

Public debt monetisation and the credibility of the ECB

Pompeo Della Posta

What stops public debt being monetised to avoid the pain of prolonged austerity after the pandemic? An obsolete economic theory of ‘credibility’. Read more

How digitalisation must be harnessed to save jobs

Esther Lynch

A framework agreement between the social partners should ensure job security and worker involvement are prioritised across the European Union. Read more

Activation during the pandemic downturn

Silvia Girardi, Alessio Fusco and Valeria Pulignano

Mandatory activation conditions for social-assistance recipients should be suspended during the pandemic. Read more

Spain’s fight for a just recovery

Fernando Rejón Sanchez

The ERTE job-protection scheme to combat the economic effects of the pandemic has left Spain well-prepared to face its aftermath. Read more

‘Deservingness’ and the recovery fund

Dirk Leuffen and Sebastian Koos

Reconciliation of procedural and distributive justice in the EU hinges on citizens’ support. Read more

Black lives matter in Europe too

Khaled Diab

No one should be smug about racism in Europe. Here too there is a toxic interaction between ethnicity, equality and the environment. Read more

The politics of identity and inclusion

Karin Pettersson

Karin Pettersson argues that struggles around race and gender are fundamentally about inclusion on an equal footing in the political community. Read more

The supermarket of citizenship and European democracy

Guido Montani

European citizenship must be invested with more political significance—and never treated as a commodity for sale. Read more

Social Europe will, as usual, not be publishing during August. We wish all our readers a relaxing break before returning in September.